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Spring 2013 Newsletter
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Lego Robotics - LEGO Robotics (Using Mindstorms NXT)
LEGO Robotics - Our school curriculum guides are available to all of our partners
K-2 Engineering Activity Guide - Ideal for grades K-2, this set of activities lays the foundation to excel in the physical science fields
In Kind Donations - Technically Learning Uses Laptops, LEGOs and other materials to be successful.
Grant Recognition - We are very thankful for each grant we have received, this is a list of those grantors
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Technically Learning Fact Sheet - We've created this fact sheet to quickly reference some of the key points of the good we're doing around Seattle
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Annual Report 2012
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More About Technically Learning
About Technically Learning - We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington.
3-D Animation - 3D Animation with Alice
3-5 Exploring Science Activity Guide - Students in grades 3-5 can enjoy this set of activities which relates LEGO® NXT Robotics to the world they live in