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Michelle Page

Executive Director

Michelle excelled in school growing up in Oregon, a proud overachiever and the only kid she knew whose excitement about school rivaled that of a Disneyland vacation. During her high school years, she participated in many school and community activities, traveled the West Coast with a jazz choir, and volunteered with a variety of community organizations. After high school, Michelle earned a BS in Business Administration/Management and recently completed a graduate certificate in Financial Planning, passing the rigorous Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) exam in March 2012.

With her lifelong passion for education and learning, Michelle began volunteering in schools and youth serving organizations in 1995. She is a frequent classroom volunteer and has taken on periodic roles such as PTA Treasurer, fundraiser (helping secure funds to replace an aging public school playground), reading program facilitator, field trip chaperone, and Girl Scout leader, using her strong organizational skills and can-do attitude to improve outcomes for students and teachers alike.

Early in her career, Michelle spent several years in mortgage banking administration, developing valuable financial management and writing skills that she utilized when she decided to follow her heart into non-profits in 2000. In the intervening years, Michelle has worked primarily as a grant writing consultant specializing in STEM education and has successfully led multi-million dollar fundraising projects, securing grants between $500 and $1.5M for a variety of projects and organizations.

Michelle became involved with TL in 2011 when she began consulting with the organization to develop a grantwriting program, helping raise over $32,000 during the past year. She was intrigued by the tremendous progress TL had made through the efforts of a few committed volunteers and a shoestring budget, and wondered how much more impact could be made with increased funding and staffing resources. When the opportunity to join TL as Executive Director became available, Michelle jumped at the chance to use her leadership and fundraising skills to help propel TL into the next phase of organizational development.

Michelle is excited about this work because it will provide thousands more girls and students of color with greater opportunities to discover their own passion for STEM learning. Since nearly every career is now a STEM career, Michelle believes that bringing TL’s hands-on programming to schools and teachers and utilizing it to show students that STEM is exciting and relevant to their future aspirations is key to building a solid pipeline of STEM innovators that reflects our state’s diverse population.

When not busy thinking about STEM education, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, seeking out new family adventures and experiences, cooking great meals, reading, and honing her detective skills as an amateur genealogist.

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Katie Apone

Director of Educational Programs

Katie Apone attended a non-traditional public school in Massachusetts, where her lifelong passion for education began. In her public school career, she had many oppotunites to volunteer and work as a teacher in camp programs, art courses, anti-harassment workshops and youth theatre productions.

In 2008, Apone graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. While attending college, she volunteered with Turning the Page, a non-profit organization that works with public schools to improve students' reading and writing skills and encourages parents to support their children's literacy development at home.

After graduation, Apone continued her work in education by volunteering with Technically Learning. She then took an opportunity to experience education abroad by serving in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic from 2009-2011. She served as an Education volunteer in the area of Information and Communications Technology and was placed in a high school computer lab in a small, rural town. She led computer courses, lego robotics classes, a reproductive health education group and co-created a manual on how to start service-learning youth groups that focus on technology-based projects.

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