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Technically Learning is always in need of donations to help supply local public schools with computers, LEGO kits, training, and technical assistance. If you would like to make a donation to help fund cutting-edge STEM activities, please visit our donation page. All donations are processed by Google, a safe, secure and easy.

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Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators

We partner with public schools to integrate technological hands-on projects into existing school curriculum. We can work with the school's teachers to craft engaging activities utilizing technology to meet existing requirements. We help supply the technology needed and provide training and technical support for the teachers. If your school would like to partner with TL to add more hands-on projects to their students' STEM education, please contact

Volunteering Time

Public schools need the support and knowledge of their surrounding communities -- both the residential and commercial sectors -- in order to thrive. Regardless of your technical skill, you can help improve public school education. If you or your business are looking to volunteer your time please contact