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Rebecca Deutsch

President - Board Member

Working at Microsoft as a Program Manager Rebecca has seen first hand the opportunity a strong education in the STEM fields can provide. She brings a highly focused sense of direction and organization to the group, which allows Technically Learning to succeed.

Joe Basirico

VP of Technology - Board Member

Joe is the Director of Security Services at Security Innovation, a well-respected consulting firm in the field of application security. Joe manages the Seattle office of Security Engineers, speaks at security conferences, and is very technically minded. These things provide him with the skills to help teach and integrate software and other technology into the Technically Learning curriculum.

Adriel Tam

Treasurer - Board Member

Adriel, has been in the financial services industry his entire career. Originally hailing from the Washington, DC area, he has always had a fond passion for science and technology since being exposed to it at an early age through his family. Adriel’s other non-profit work includes being a weekly meal supervisor at the Ronald McDonald House. Click here to see why Adriel decided to join the Technically Learning Board

Daniel Apone

Secretary - Board Member

Dan has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Tufts University, and works in the RFID industry at Impinj.

He has been passionate about public education improvement his whole life, and has been volunteering in public schools for 12+ years.

Eric Hilton

Director - Board Member

Eric holds a PhD in astronomy from the University of Washington, where he studied magnetic explosions on low-mass stars. He is committed to increasing diversity in STEM fields and higher education, and has worked at the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (OMAD) as well as being a staff member of the Pre-Major in Astronomy Program (Pre-MAP) at the UW. After receiving his BS in physics from Carnegie Mellon University, he taught secondary school science as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Guyana, South America. This experience inspired him to pursue a graduate certificate in international development from the Evans School of Public Affairs. Teaching both high school and university classes has given him a broad understanding of education and a belief in the importance of student-centered learning. He is currently a software developer and astronomer with Universe Sandbox. Click here to read why Eric helped to found Technically Learning!

Beth Boatright

Director - Board Member

Beth holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from University of Washington’s College of Education. She most recently worked as a postdoctoral research associate for the Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy at U.W., examining the quality and effects of professional learning opportunities aimed directly at the improvement of teaching and learning. In addition to her recent book, Teachers’ Professional Learning in the Context of High School Reform (2008, Stuttgart: Verlag Press), she has published recent articles on this and other professional development topics in the School Administrator (2009), The Journal of Staff Development (2009), and the American Educational Research Journal (2010). After completing her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College, Beth served in the Peace Corps in Mauritania, West Africa, and then began her teaching career as a middle school teacher in Columbus, Ohio. Currently, Beth is the Associate Director for Teacher Leadership Programs at U.W.’s College of Education, where her work focuses on the leadership development and instructional expertise of mid-career teachers. In her own words, read why Beth decided to join the Technically Learning Board

Eric Oemig

Director - Board Member

Eric is a software engineer and a former Washington State Senator (2007-2011). Before joining the Senate, he designed software at Microsoft and several high-tech startups including his own mechatronics startup. During high school, Eric built a voice-recognition computer board that he discovered in a library book. It was Eric’s early exposure to technology in public school that helped shape his career in high-tech. Working with his primitive (and faulty) voice controller board helped prepare Eric for his work in the Senate. While serving in the Senate, Eric actively advocated for and helped expand public school technology and science programs throughout Washington State while serving as Vice Chair of the Education K-12 Committee and as a member of the Ways & Means Committee. In 2007 Eric introduced and passed an innovative education performance bill to track student/teacher/school performance data. Eric holds a BS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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