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Adriel's Story

When I look back at my childhood I have some very strong memories. Singing at the National Cathedral in DC, playing basketball as much as possible, watching my mother cook most nights, travelling to England, and either falling asleep, usually skipping, but most certainly - hating math and science class. I no longer do any type of music performance, but have a deep love and appreciation for it, I’m still about as good at basketball as I was in Jr high (not good) but still love the game, I developed a passion for cooking and even worked in the restaurant industry, I lived in England for several years and consider it a 2nd home, and strangely enough developed a love of science and the way it shapes the technological wonders humans can create. I am still not a fan of calculus or putting proofs together, but use math and statistics regularly in my day job. The point of it all is that things experienced early in our childhood can have a profound impact down the road.

When I was introduced to the concept of what TL was doing I immediately thought to myself, if only I had this type of applied practical learning rather than the esoteric theoretical - or as I like to call it - blackboard learning, I might have had a very different life’s journey. Don’t get me wrong I love where I have ended up and continue to go, but experiences and events we can touch and feel are much different than those we do not see an immediate practical application for.

Here’s the best part of my soliloquy – my father is a nuclear engineer, my uncle a materials engineer, my other uncle a computer science engineer, my cousin an aeronautical engineer – I come from a family of math and science nerds – I have the proper genetic makeup, but sadly never the motivation because STEM never made sense as to how or why anyone would want to learn these subjects. That is why I am passionate bout TL’s cause and our method – I believe there are lots of kids out there, perhaps a bit like me, that if given the right experience and applied learning – would have a whole new world opened for them.