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Technically Learning has merged with!

The staff and board at Technically Learning are very excited to announce formally that we have merged with! You may have heard of through their massive online video campaign promoting the importance of computer programming in schools, featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Gabe Newel, Chris Bosh and more. If you haven’t seen it already, check it out.

As part of, we are focusing our efforts specifically toward improving computer science education in public schools. Together with the leadership, we will provide computer science education opportunities for all K-12 students nationwide in the coming years. TL and’s missions are very much aligned on bringing the exciting opportunities of a technical career, and furthering the technical skills, of all U.S. students, especially girls and under-represented minorities. This merging of our organizations represents a huge opportunity to impact the education system broadly and reach students across the country.

Technically Learning’s work since 2006 to bring curriculum and professional development to teachers and students in STEM has made us a valuable partner to other non-profits like, in the effort to scale inspiring curriculum efforts nationwide. Through this merge, Technically Learning brings the experience we have gained working with many great teachers over the years to collaborate on developing’s classroom-based computer science programming that will integrate with other STEM and core subjects.

While this means that the growth of our existing robotics-based curriculum and school partnership program come to an end, the legacy of Technically Learning continues! Because our program model has been specifically designed to help teachers achieve a level of mastery in leading TL activities without the need for ongoing support from TL staff, each of our current, fantastic school partners has committed to continuing to use our curriculum in the classroom after the merge. We’ve granted all of our hard assets, such as laptops and kits, to the schools that need them most so they can continue to inspire new students in coming years.

Open Sourced - Creative Commons

Additionally, our curriculum, developed by STEM professionals and enhanced by classroom educators, is now an open source resource to allow teachers and parents around the world to increase their ability to use exciting, hands-on STEM-based activities with their students and children.

All our curriculum units are now available for download from this website for free under the Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license. This is really cool, because we’re turning this content over to you and the teachers who have helped guide and develop it over the years, and it can continue to reach new teachers and students in the years ahead.

Please download, share, modify, and develop the content, we are excited to see what you can do with it! You can download them immediately from our Resources page.


For a walk down memory lane please feel free to browse around the website or see our timeline, then continue reading below.

Thank You!

Thank you so much to each of our partners, donors, grantors, volunteers, families, and friends for your support over the past seven years. We wouldn’t be in a position to make this leap into nation-wide programs, and merge with this great organization, without your support and encouragement. Without you, we couldn't have reached this level of impact. We are extremely excited about the new opportunities ahead, and we hope that you will continue to support us as part of!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,
TL Board and Staff